North Oaks Golf Club

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54 East Oaks Road
North Oaks

United States

Yoga with Views of North Oaks Golf Course

Yoga with Views and Outdoor Options 9:30 Tues

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  1. I couldn’t find your prices anywhere. What is the payment structure?

    • Hi Denise — If you click on a specific class date, up will come the class details, including pricing. The Golf Club class comes out to $13/class at the session price. Current session runs thru Feb and you can pro-rate in!

    • Hi Denise ~ if you click on a specific class, the details come up. Classes run $13-15 when purchased in 3 mo. sessions. Enroll anywhere, take classes everywhere–just get your weekly class in. Add a class $10, and your 3rd class in a week is free!

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