YogaHotDish Testimonials

“YogaHotDish is well balanced in fundamentals, alignment and philosophy.” ~ Dr. Carrie Ann Terrell

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“YogaHotDish emphasis on breathing, balance, and a level spine has led me to, among other things, much better posture. I am amazed at how much standing up straight contributes to a feeling of well-being.”

~ John Martin

“I didn’t think I’d enjoy yoga.”

~ Andy Hass

“Me neither!”

~ Shaila Cunningham

“Kudos to you for being such a responsive scrapper of a business lady in the face of a dumbass pandemic.”

~ Beth Goodwin

“Silence with discrimination is like a wish-filling tree or a touchstone; it has the power to transform an ordinary seeker into an accomplished master…Although I have not noted specifically what silence has given me, it hs brought me everything worth having without my asking for it.  Silence has enabled me to practice yoga sadhana steadily.”

~ Swami Kripalu

YogaHotdish is well balanced in fundamentals, alignment and philosophy. Shaila is a compassionate, experienced and hilarious instructor. ~Dr. Carrie Ann Terrell, Division Director for General Obstetrics and Gynecology at the University of Minnesota

I feel so fortunate to have found YogaHotdish and Shaila.  Her approach, philosophy and teaching style are truly unique.   I most appreciate her individual attention, understanding of correct positioning and willingness to adjust students.  The environment she sets up is very calming and her sense of humor is a sheer delight.  I have studied yoga for many years in health clubs, studios, churches and gyms.  I can say with certainty that the benefits of practicing with Shaila are superior.  I recommend Shaila and YogaHotdish any opportunity that I have.~ Sarah Schavee, North Oaks

Of the yoga instructors I have met, none of them has had as diverse and comprehensive a training background as Shaila. She combines Kripalu, vinyasa-lite, yin yoga, restorative yoga and smidgens of other schools to come up with hmmm, let’s see, a hotdish of styles that is still deeply grounded in yoga as meditation as well as for strengthening and flexibility.~Katherine Curran, Ph.D.

I have been doing Tuesday yoga with Shaila for 5+ years and it’s been great!  I love the class and I feel that my flexibility has really improved, that’s saying a lot for a guy. ~Dr. Bob Schubert


It’s my mission to make a large impact on a small number of students’ lives through yoga. I run a purely student-focused enterprise with the bulk of my energy going into class planning, training and fostering community.   If you want to be anonymous in the back of class and have the same routine week after week,  this is NOT the yoga for you! ~Shaila Cunningham, YogaHotDish Founder

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