On the Path of the Viking Warriors: Iceland & Sweden, Spring 2024
Tentative Dates: May 17 – May 27, 2024
Limit: 11 Participants, 2 reserved, 9 slots left!

Contact: Shailayoga{a}gmail.com

This is NOT your typical Yoga Retreat. Consider it a Deep Travel Experience, w/ a little yoga thrown in at opportune times. These ventures are for people who know how to make their own arrangements, want flexibility to dodge the crowds and take their time. We’re not about putting ticks in boxes, getting the #insta shot and moving on. We want to interact w/ the landscape and the people. This is not a passive group tour where you let someone else run your day and hit every gift shop so the operator can make commission. Those are everywhere. We are a growing community who likes to travel together and shares similar views on the value of authenticity in travel–and life!

FRI, May 17
Fly Iceland Air red-eye departing the evening of Friday, May 17 from MSP,  arriving REK early Saturday, May 18, 2024. 
Use the low-cost “Fly Bus” to transfer into town, or “Fly Bus” to nearby Blue Lagoon for a few hours ($50-100) to unwind after your flight before you can check into your hotel which you booked, in central REK ($150-250/room/night).  Lunch at the Lagoon ($$$), or perhaps when you get to town. 

SAT/SUN,  May 18/19
Optional food and beverage tour of REK for those interested.  Sightseeing around REK, including National Museum. Yoga at a studio w/ a deck on the ocean (see photo). Optional horseback riding excursion for those interested. 
Giddy up! 

MON, May 20 – THURS, May 23 
Check out of your REK hotel. Private tour company picks us up Monday AM for 4 nights exploring the must-see Golden Circle and South Coast, including the Westmann Islands (puffins and preserved volcanic eruption site, “Pompeii of Iceland).  We’ll weave and bob around the big tour buses and go deeper. Where they stay 30-60 mins on a tight schedule, we’ll hike in w/ our expert local guide, do some outdoor yoga/ meditation, visit the less crowded geo-thermal pools/spas, and try to avoid peak times at the waterfalls. We’ll skip the noisy hotels and have the run of 4 cottages for 3 of the nights, each w/ 2 bedrooms and a shared bathroom. Keep in mind, you’ll be in geothermal pools a lot, so showering won’t be a big deal!  Hotel, breakfast, lunch in the Westmann Islands, admissions, ferry transport, glacier hike or harbor boat tour, and professional guide/luxury minibus driver included. This portion of the trip will be non-refundable and should be insured. 

FRI, May 24 – SUN, May 26: Escape on a Friday flight to Stockholm in the nick of time, just as the first wave of American tourists (sans kids) is arriving in REK for the US Memorial Day Holiday– the high season opener in Iceland.  Check into the hotel of your choice in central Stockholm. Tour the sights in Stockholm over the weekend w/ my foodie friend, citizen of the world, and heels-on-the-ground, Junko. Stockholm is about 1/3 parks so we’ll enjoy yoga outdoors in what will feel like a tropical climate after Iceland! Yes, we’ll visit the Vasa and the Skansen, as well as a few less obvious choices. We’ll also be treated to a happy hour or brunch at “Junko’s Haus” followed by yoga in her garden, weather permitting. Junko has raised three children w/ her Swedish husband and serves as a nurse in the National Health System. She entertained many of us after Zoom Yoga during covid w/ her stories and observations.

MON, May 27: Fly home or continue your bold venture! There’s a scenic 5-hour fast train to Copenhagen…just sayin’…

INTERESTED? Please email shailayoga{a}gmail.com right away. This is a relatively small tour and likely to sell out even a year ahead of time!

Icelandic Ponies by GulliVals | Horses, Iceland horses, Horse photography
Fun fact: Did you know Icelandic horses have 2 gaits found nowhere else, believed to be genetic? One is a trot, the other is called “flying speed” where all hooves leave the ground at once!