Better Than Unlimited Yoga: 2nd weekly class $10, 3rd class FREE (enrolled students only)




YogaHotDish, home of “Better Than Unlimited Yoga” is perhaps far more financially flexible than those one-year studio contracts! Did you know most people quit before the year is out? Those that stay only do yoga 1-3  times a week, which means they’re paying, in most cases over $20 per 60 min. class.

The problem is, most yoga studio contracts are written with landlords, not students in mind. YogaHotDish turns this model on its head and prices to incentivize YOU to come to class. Your basic commitment is only one class per week for a 2-3 month session.  Enroll in the most logical location but show up anywhere–just get you class in! Want to catch a second class? Great, just show up and pay your $10 in cash or right here, online.  You third class is a week is FREE. So, the more yoga you do, the cheaper the classes get, but you don’t pay for all that bricks, mortar and continuous staffing.

What we don’t have: around-the-clock classes.  That actually works to your advantage. You see, if there’s always a class, there’s no urgency to get there.  To staff all those classes, studios cut corners on teacher creds and sub out staff so you don’t know who is really going to teach.

It’s not unusual for YogaHotDish students to attend the same class at the same time for 10-20 years. They put it on their calendars and their friends and families know they’re not available. When something comes up or they want to take extra classes, they have a good idea of the schedule and show up elsewhere. ~  And, that’s how you end up doing dogs and planks well into your 80’s!

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