“Flow What?” Vinyasa Flow and Hatha Yoga

The most common question I get out and about as a yoga teacher is, “do you teach vinyasa flow?” Wait, I suppose that’s the second most popular question after, “do you teach hatha yoga?” I’m always perplexed as to how to answer these questions.  Clearly, the inquirer has an interest and some experience with yoga and I want to be encouraging and  I don’t want to scare them off of ever speaking to another yoga teacher at a party again by subjecting them to a soliloquy on yoga. So perhaps I can avoid awkwardness by answering the questions here.

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Hatha Yoga: the appetizer course for Raja Yoga


“Those who practice only Hatha and do not know Raja Yoga, I consider such practitioners to be depriving themselves of the fruit of their endeavor.”

~ Svatmarama, Author Hatha Yoga Pradipika, 15th century CE.

Walk in to your local health club, community center or mass-market Yoga Studio like Lifetime Yoga or CorePower, and you might think that the ancients of yore were doing sun salutations and breakneck speed, staring at their reflections in pools while a band of drummers sang and played.  It would be easy to assume that all those men were sporting white loincloth diapers (with logos?) to show off their “yoga butts” and “ab fab abs.”

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