North Oaks Yoga, HotDish Style!

YogaHotDish is where classical hatha yoga meets modern best practices and mindfulness meets movement–all served up Minnesota Nice.  “Hotdish” is Minnesotan for casserole.  Techniques slow-baked over 20 years and 3 continents make for unique, quality ingredients. And, like any good HotDish, YogaHotDish isn’t locked into one location; it’s a portable potluck offered at venues with views and vibe (no strip malls) in and around North Oaks, including Arden Hills and Midland Hills. 

You really only get your money’s worth in those ‘bricks-and-mortar” studios if you go 3 or more times/week. Most HotDishers aren’t chasing #yogaeverydamnday–they have lives!


It’s simple:  you want smarter yoga for better living, right?   


YogaHotDish has never been about the studio–floors and decor shouldn’t matter in a meditation practice.  Community, quality of instruction, and outside-the-mat thinking make it easy to “Go Studio-less!”

Whether you’re interested in ZOOM and/or in/outdoor hybrid classes, our program is going strong, all winter long. Fill out a Contact Form now or email Shaila directly if you need a ZOOM link or directions ASAP. Shailayoga{a}

Drop-in and program pricing available. Payment via VENMO (YogaHotDish), or credit card via PayPal HERE. 


Founder/Instructor: Shaila Cunningham, Kripalu Certified in residence, 2001

Kripalu was one of the founding schools of the Yoga Alliance. Today, the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health in Stockbridge, MA is perhaps the largest, most-established secular teacher training program in the US with lineage back to India. Back in 2001, total immersion training  with little outside world contact was the only way to become certified.

Nope, not a Buddhist or a Hindu, just a Lutheran who started studying yoga and meditation while living in Asia, trained with leading teachers in California and Massachusetts — and knows how to throw a HotDish together!  A teaching-focused enterprise, YogaHotDish doesn’t want to be a bricks-and-mortar studio with all that entails–making rent, managing a large staff, or selling out.  Shaila believes one great yoga class can change your life–it will certainly change your relationship with your body!

YogaHotDish classes are more than just another fitness yoga workout, they’re a “work-in” providing a vehicle for self-improvement.  Sure, you can work for years to make your poses prettier –many people never get past asana  (postures/poses)  but that’s just a jumping-off point to higher states of awareness, better health and living.   You won’t find mirrors or music in YHD classes as they actually impede your progress.

No bricks and mortar.   While many local yoga providers in North Oaks, White Bear, Shoreview and Arden Hills invest more in decor so you don’t feel like in you’re in a health club or a strip mall, YogaHotDish classes are held in a venues with views and outdoor spaces–key during COVID!   A community of thoughtful, lifelong learners takes advantage of all locations–and ZOOM–whatever suits their schedules on a given week.   So, even if you make up a class or add a class at a different venue or on ZOOM,  you’ll see many of the same friendly faces.   How often have you been to yoga studios with great interiors, then everyone leaves after class without uttering a word?  It’s not about the floor and d├ęcor!


Get off your chair and onto a yoga mat. YogaHotDish’s student-centered  approach makes it easy to try, commit and succeed!


Email RSVP’s a must for new students whether ZOOM or Outdoor programming.  You’re welcome to try a ZOOM class for $10 and there’s always space available. Outdoor classes have limited openings. RSVP’s required due to COVID-19.  Email Shailayoga{@} to ensure you get your ZOOM invite on time!


Decide if Yoga HotDish is right for you. If it’s not, pay the $10 and move on.  If it is, you have 2 choices:

  1. Commit to a weekly class, be it ZOOM or Outdoor Yoga (please inquire for in-person pricing). ZOOM classes are $12 each, but you can do a month of Unlimited ZOOM–well worth it.  It is possible to do both in-person (if there’s space) and ZOOM, please inquire.
  2. Cut to the chase and get into the Start Right / Deep Dive Program where you’ll move up the curve and get results faster; however, we define what “results” are for you in this personal mentorship program.

Attendance is Everything.  Yoga is pass/fail: if you show up, your pass, if not…  Whatever body, mind, or attitude that shows up on a given day, YogaHotDish will meet you there. If you have to miss your weekly class, make it up when you can at another location. This is where YogaHotDish shines compared to other weekly classes offered in rec departments, churches and non-studio venues–with lots of make-up opportunities in multiple locations.


YogaHotDish pricing wants you to feel good about your commitment and incentivizes you to attend more by dollar-cost averaging down.   YogaHotDish cares about being perceived as fair to students and isn’t out to take advantage of students who can’t / won’t show up or convince newbies to do expensive teacher trainings just to pay the rent.

How YogaHotDish works:  Successful Dishers treat their weekly class commitment like a doctor appointment and don’t miss it to go to lunch or get their cable upgraded. It’s at a set time, pre-paid, non-negotiable.  They “advertise” their commitments to friends and family so no one would dare ask for a ride to the airport during yoga! The key is that once-a-week, set commitment and that’s what “convenience” yoga misses.  If classes are running all day, every day, you’ll put it off.  The 80% of the people who drop-out from those programs can’t be wrong!

YogaHotDish knows that even committed people get sick, travel and do favors for friends.  That’s why showing up at another class to make up your missed class is never a problem (but do check during COVID); and, you can make up that class anytime, even weeks after-the-fact, so long as you’re still enrolled

Once you’re in a weekly groove, you set the stage for transformation.  Your body, mind, spirit, start to crave more yoga as the results sneak up on you! You start to feel less achy, less grumpy.  Getting up and down off the floor becomes easier as does getting out of bed in the morning.   Maybe you caught a peek in the mirror and noticed a new muscle or that your tennis serve or golf shot has a little more mustard on it!

Add a second weekly class for $10. No, that doesn’t mean you have to sign up for another time-slot.  You just show up to whatever second class you’d like (please verify space available during COVID) whenever you’d like and hand the instructor $10. You’re “in the club” now!

Third weekly class is free.  What if your yoga stars are aligning, right along with your spine and you want to do a whole bunch of yoga in a week? We thought of that and decided that, if you’re committed enough to attend a 3rd, 4th, 5th class in a week, we won’t charge you for it.  You pay in the inspiration and example you set for others!  You might even receive a “yoga clap.”  Attend 3 times per week and your average 90-minute class price drops to around $8. That can be a big motivator!


If you continue to renew, session after session, you can carry your make-ups forward.  Make up those missed classes when you get around to it– you keep track and let the instructor know.  It gets complicated when you don’t renew your 2 to 3-month commitment to your weekly class.  This is not a “punch card” system for you to use the classes whenever–those are just “procrastination invitations!”

YogaHotDish does NOT allow you to “stockpile” make-ups after you leave the program. When you don’t renew for the current session, you FORFEIT any make-ups from previous sessions. For committed students, make-ups are uber flexible–  gift a family member or friend one of your make-ups if you’re having a hard time getting your classes in.

To be clear:  If you miss a class during a session, the onus is on YOU to make it up.  YogaHotDish cannot credit your missed classes to your next session.  They don’t “roll over” –it’s not T Mobile! It’s independent yoga. Have you ever tried to renege on a health club contract?  Those are for a year–at least YogaHotDish is only a 2-3 month commitment and you have all the time you need to get your make-ups in as long as you keep renewing.