What's a Class Like?

You’ll be practicing Hatha Yoga, a very general term meaning the yoga of force, or postures (as opposed to only seated meditation).   

Hatha always offers a great workout, but it’s really the work-in that keeps people engaged and coming back for years, even decades! 

Swami Kripalu was one of the major gurus who brought Hatha yoga to the West.  Kripalu yoga is a “classical school of yoga” and is often described  as  “meditation-in-motion.” No music is played as it’s impossible to learn proper breathing and meditation techniques with music drowning out the sound of your own breath.  

Ancient yoga was mostly a seated endeavor, so we always make time to return to the roots of yoga, even in our Hatha class. 

That said, movement is a must with our sedentary lifestyle nowdays, and the brilliance of yoga is its ability to evolve; the trick is keeping the ancient wisdom intact.

Swami Kripalu realized early on that  “householders” in the latter part of the 20th century needed a different kind of practice than he did as a monk / renunciate.  He also knew that the more physical yoga taught to calm down teen boys before meditation in monasteries probably wasn’t safe for adult bodies.

Each YogaHotDish class is presented in the spirit of Kripalu: sensible and  accessible with an emphasis on accepting the way things are on a given day. We deal with the body that shows up!

Yes, you’ll get in shape–you can’t help but not–just without the clipboards, tracking, weigh-ins, and “no pain, no gain” mentality. 

Are you ready to transform your relationship with your body and maybe your whole self? Then please keep reading! 

Classes include the following in varying degrees and formats so you stay engaged, challenged but never overwhelmed: 

  1. Yin/restorative poses to disconnect you from linear time and   “tone” the nervous system so deeper relaxation is possible
  2. Yang active poses– without a bunch of unnecessary choreography.
  3. Inversions, usually supported by walls–walls are great for  learning alignment via proprioception, not looking in a mirror.
  4. Pranayama, or breathing exercises, usually a minimum of 2 techniques; in yoga philosophy, breathing exercises are crucial to progress.
  5. Pilates inspired core to add more stability to the classic poses.
  6. Therapuetic yoga to ensure joint health and better balance.
  7. Seated meditation 
  8. Full-length 10+min. Savasansa. Beyond relaxation, this is reclining meditation often called “the most difficult pose” in  yoga. 
  9. Exposure to yoga philosophy which often runs counter to a Western fitness mindset.  Your body is neither an adversary nor an apology! 
  10. Community and connection by practicing with the same small group each week. 

What yoga should do is reset your relationship with your body. Conventional fitness (incl yoga) creates adversaries, the mind critiquing the body in every mirror. True yoga reunites mind & body, whisking us back to a childlike joy.

yoga class in arden hills doing kaplabhati

What are the Benefits of Kripalu Yoga? 

Sound good? Ready to receive ALL The major benefits of yoga, beyond the usual strength and flexibility including: 

~ Boosting memory and focus and immunity

~ Relieving back/joint pain 

~ Improving balance (not just by balancing)

~ Improving your posture–both seated and standing (getting taller is a thing)

~ Improving your breathing– you breath 20,000 times per day, so be good at it

~ Connecting with people who are also committed to the practice at the same time/place –not a revolving door of students/instructors

~Feeling a deep sense of  steadiness and ease in a class that’s not “performative” with mirrors or woo-woo music

Fill out a contact form and let us know you’re interested. Questions and concerns? Ask away!