What are Classes Like/Benefits of Yoga?

 YogaHotDish isn’t the same ol’ yoga you see everywhere else–at the gym, healthclub, Y, or even in certain membership yoga studios.  

YogaHotDish classes are comprehensive, 75-90 mins. 

No fast food,  “drive-thru” yoga served here. If your classes are 45-60 mins, you should wonder what you’re missing! 

Don’t think of YogaHotDish as just another class, it’s really a holistic experience, including:  

  1. Yin/restorative poses
  2. Yang active poses
  3. Inversions, usually supported by walls–walls are a necessary teaching tool overlooked in large venues and extremely useful for beginners.
  4. Pranayama, or breathing exercises, usually a minimum of 2 techniques; in yoga philosophy, breathing exercises are crucial to progress.
  5. Pilates inspired core
  6. Therapuetic yoga to ensure joint health and better balance.
  7. Seated meditation ~  Hatha poses like dogs and warriors were introduced within the last 200 years to prepare for seated meditation, which is  often dispensed with in fitness yoga, but full of cognitive benefits.
  8. Full-length 10+min. Savasansa (final relaxation). Beyond relaxation, this is reclining meditation often called “the most difficult pose” in classical yoga.  Again, full of cognitive benefits– and often shortchanged in the West.

What yoga should do is reset your relationship with your body. Conventional fitness (incl yoga) creates adversaries, the mind critiquing the body in every mirror. True yoga reunites mind & body, whisking us back to a childlike joy.

yoga class in arden hills doing kaplabhati
Pranayama (breathing exercises) in Arden Hills, THURS 4:45 pm

Sound good? Ready to receive ALL The major benefits of yoga, beyond the usual strength and flexibility including: 

~ Boosting memory and focus and immunity

~ Relieving back/joint pain 

~ Improving balance (not just by balancing)

~ Improving your posture–both seated and standing (getting taller is a thing)

~ Improving your breathing– you breath 20,000 times per day, so be good at it

~ Connecting with people who are also committed to the practice at the same time/place –not a revolving door of students/instructors

~Feeling a deep sense of  steadiness and ease in a class that’s not “performative” with mirrors or woo-woo music

Fill out a contact form and let us know you’re interested. Questions and concerns? Ask away!