Dynamic Stretching is a specific kind of stretching, but also an umbrella term encompassing all kinds of hands-on, assisted stretching techniques performed in a private setting (private’ish if you’re on a training table in the middle of a weight room). Growing in popularity at large venues like LifeTime Fitness, as well as franchises like StretchLab, this kind of personal trainer-assisted stretching addresses a major concern of elite athletes and weekend warriors alike: how do I get more flexible!?

Of course, personal trainers can help you out, but as a yoga teacher, I have more modalities upon which to draw. Did you know, many of the trainer-assisted stretches have their grounding in classical Indian and Thai yogas? They’ve fallen out of fashion though due to the liability of performing them in large-group classes taught in corporate settings (read: lotsa lawyers). I’ve been offering them up, however, in my indie SMALL group classes for over 20 years!

Hands-on dynamic stretching assist at Kripalu in Stockbridge, MA

In exploring the various certifications for “dynamic stretch” I was shocked to see that nearly all of them are online! Having been through many days-long, hands-on assisting trainings for yoga teachers, I can guarantee you, there’s NO way you can learn a hands-on healing modality online, period! You need to practice with partners under the direct supervision of an instructor. Some things just have to be felt and experienced for learning to occur. Would you want a massage therapist licensed online? It’s really no different, so please be careful out there in your quest for the perfect stretch lest you end up a newbie’s guinea pig.

If you would like to experience an approach that’s likely safer and more conservative, but can still bring positive structural change to your body and mind, I am offering dynamic stretch sessions on Wednesday afternoons/evenings in North Oaks, MN. I am a certified Kripalu teacher, 2001, and have worked across a wide demographic range, from teens to 80-somethings, with a host of issues from cancer to joint injuries and replacements.

I have a healthy respect for joints which many a personal trainer may not: I will not prioritize short-term flexibility gains at the expense of long-term joint damage. Moreover, if you’re not familiar with yoga breathing techniques (pranayama), I’ll teach you those right away so you get more out of every stretch. Less intense manipulations are required when the breath is optimized–a basic fact of yoga science, constantly overlooked by Personal Trainers and Physical Therapists. Toning your muscles has a lot to do with toning your nervous system so don’t give breathing short-shrift!

Private Dynamic Stretch Sessions are 30 minutes and available most Wednesdays between 2:15 – 5:15 pm and 7:15 pm, in and around North Oaks. Other days/times/durations available upon request.

Cost: Please fill out a contact form as it depends on exact time/location. You will pay less than LifeTime for likely more experience and options.