Smarter Yoga for Better Living

You’re not trying to “get a life”–you have one already. You just want to stay well (and not get injured) so you can keep doing the other things you care about and be the person you want to be–not some achy, grumpy version of your former self. That said, you want more than watered-down fitness yoga and find yourself at a crossroads.  You want a stronger more pliable body, but you’re also interested in the transformative powers that a proper, meditative practice can have on your mind and moods.  Introducing the YogaHotDish Yoga Fab Four…

Body ~  We’ll use techniques from classical yoga and the latest trends from resistance stretching, pilates, fascia release, and more to balance your body.  Yoga creates lean and elongated muscle as opposed to over-developing certain areas. The results are much easier to maintain–no equipment required–and you’re not stressing the joints and spine.  Once you’ve established a consistent practice, go on vacation, and don’t worry about turning into a blob!

Brain ~ Improve cognition, focus, and working memory as you rest your mind from the barrage of inputs.  A silent, safe space is where the inner work happens.  This isn’t a busy vinyasa flow practice with music and mirrors–no one can meditate under those circumstances.  Are you ready to confront the silence and “take out the brain trash?”

Breath ~ Poor breathing leads to poor posture.  YHD taps what is truly ancient yoga wisdom in teaching pranayama (breathing exercises) to strengthen your diaphragm, improve your posture and calm the nervous system so you can feel relaxed even while exerting and sleep better.

Balance ~ Improving balance goes beyond just doing balancing poses. Foot pliability as well as proprioception needs to be improved steadily over time.  The YHD method spends a lot of time building balance as it’s a popular concern and fear of falling is real.

YogaHotDish draws from several classical schools of yoga and modern fitness trends so you have all the bases covered.  Why limit yourslelf to one style of yoga when you can have a curated collection of best practices across a variety of schools and instructors over 20 years and 3 continents?   You’ll also gain a superior understanding of yoga by studying it comparatively–something few teacher training programs can offer.  You’ll get diversity of approach, technique and thought– not dogma!

Right Start, Right Now!

Ready? Sure you can show up and try a class. The cost is $10 and RSVP’s are a must for in-person or ZOOM classes. That said, YogaHotDish isn’t like your all-levels classes at the gym where you can hide in the back.

You’ll be surrounded by students who have committed to the practice for years, maybe decades.  As helpful as they are, it’s easy to feel intimidated.

If you’re serious about getting going on your transformation, YHD has created a 2 month, onboarding program.  File it somewhere beyond a “crash course” but not a full-on “teacher training program” (no anatomy quizzes!}.  This plan will get you ready, get you set and get you going up the curve much faster than trying to figure it out on your own over months or years.  Sure, if you want to jump in and try a class, feel free, but if you’re eager to learn, get results and transform, then the “Right Start / Dive Deep” is for you!

Start Right / Dive Deep  Includes:  

Access to all YHD Zoom Group Classes for 2 months ($130 value).

8 Private 80 min. Zoom classes over 8 weeks ( $640 value) to systematically introduce the YogaHotDish method, terminology, and techniques.  We’ll assess your unique body type, challenges and goals.  We’ll also craft a home-practice strategy.

Recommended reading list catering to your interests and goals which we can discuss during private sessions.

Yoga wasn’t meant to be taught in large venues with a revolving door of students and teachers.  The ancient “guru” system was really what we call “mentoring” today. A “guru” would take in a small group of students who would learn from the guru as well as each other. If you want something better, then consider joining us!

TOTAL PROGRAM COST: $800   Now $700 Covid-19 Special Rate. We are in challenging times. Some will use the time wisely to transform and emerge stronger–will you?