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"Hotdish" Is Minnesotan for casserole...
YogaHotDish is where classical hatha yoga meets modern best practices and mindfulness meets movement.
All served up Minnesota Nice.

I wanted to offer gimmick-free yoga without the new-age music and mirrors that detract from true meditation. No microwaved, “hot yoga” served here — the heat is supposed to come from within and build gradually, as not to harm your joints and muscles. Let's explore wellness together at the intersections of mindfulness and movement!

Shaila Cunningham

Smarter Yoga

You want to stay well and not get injured so you can keep doing the things you care about and be the person you want to be — not some achy, grumpy version of your former self.

That said, you want more than watered-down fitness yoga and find yourself at a crossroads.  You want a stronger more pliable body, but you’re also interested in the transformative powers that a proper, meditative practice can have on your mind and moods. 

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Better Living

The Body

We’ll use techniques from classical yoga and the latest trends from resistance stretching, pilates, fascia release, and more to balance your body.  Yoga creates lean and elongated muscle as opposed to over-developing certain areas. 

The Brain

Improve cognition, focus, and working memory as you rest your mind from the barrage of inputs. No music! A silent, safe space is where the inner work happens. Are you ready to confront the silence and “take out the brain trash?”

The Breath

Poor breathing leads to poor posture.  We teach pranayama (breathing exercises) to strengthen your diaphragm, improve your posture and calm the nervous system so you can feel relaxed even while exerting and sleep better.

The Balance

Improving balance goes beyond just doing balancing poses. Foot pliability as well as proprioception needs to be improved steadily over time.  We spend a lot of time building balance as it’s a popular concern and fear of falling is real.

Meet shaila

The passionate yogi behind YogaHotDish!

Shaila Cunningham North Oaks Minnesota Yoga Instructor
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What Our regulars say

"Shaila combines Kripalu, vinyasa-lite, yin yoga, restorative yoga and smidgens of other schools to come up with hmmm, let’s see, a hotdish of styles that is still deeply grounded in yoga as meditation as well as for strengthening and flexibility."

“YogaHotDish is well balanced in fundamentals, alignment and philosophy.”

“YogaHotDish emphasis on breathing, balance, and a level spine has led me to, among other things, much better posture. I am amazed at how much standing up straight contributes to a feeling of well-being.”

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Yoga was never about the studio.

Floors and decor shouldn’t matter in a meditation practice. Community, quality of instruction, and outside-the-mat thinking make it easy to “go studio-less!” You'll find comprehensive yoga in serene spaces and venues with views. Community is built over time through sharing our practice and our interests. Retreats allow us to take it one the road and dive deeper. No music, no mirrors...and no backoffice beancounters to kill the vibe. Want to get into the "Circle of Trust?" Just show up, repeat.