Saturday-Saturday, February 3-10, 2024 | $2300/person

$800 Deposit secures your spot; remainder due Oct 1, 2023.


 What we know about Costa Rica:

1st class service. Best, UNLIMITED food and beverage!

Most luxe for the bucks. At $2300 per person (under budget!), double occupancy,  you need only open your wallet for a la carte tours/activities, airport transfer, and tips for staff at the end of the week ($200). Consider a mediocre lunch in town is $30 and a basic 2-story motel by the highway is at least $150/night, you really can’t do the trip for less at this level of luxury/privacy on your own.

Travel Insurance incl. “Trip Interruption” is key: One of the reasons I reduced the price is to make travel insurance a “no brainer” for everyone. ($130- $200). A “comprehensive” policy on should get all the Covid concerns straightened out, including should you fall ill, have to cancel last minute, have to recover before you can fly home. We owe it to each other to make sure we’re covered! (Note you need only take on a “cancel for any reason policy” if you may want to cancel for “fear of Covid.” The regular plan will cover you if you can’t travel there or if you get sick while in CR.

Top quality guide. Alan can show you all the sights…with insight!  A former banker by trade, he’s an exceptional guide. Most day/half-day trips are around $ 75-125. You won’t have to deal w/ the notorious hassle of renting and insuring a car and will be driven by mature drivers up on the latest road closures (they’re a thing in CR).  His company also provides reasonably priced airport transfers.

Glorious views over the Pacific, every room, every class.

Open Air Living. All dining and communal spaces outdoors. I can show you lots of nice photos of the ensuite rooms, but you won’t be in them. In the event of illness, there would be a very small chance of transmission, sufferers could easily isolate in rooms or socially distance outdoors and participate in a limited way.


Privacy. You won’t be in the swarms of tourists at the Marriot down the Coast in Tamarindo. You’ll be in a quiet, gated enclave of private villas, with people you already know or at least have something in common with. As we all see the value in solitude, we’ll hang back if you want to hang out and read or rest. No peer pressure to “do” anything, even yoga!  

Three Things I need to know if you want to go: 

1) An RSVP to express your interest (no need to RSVP if you’re not interested). This is in no way a commitment.

2) Are you in a position to make a deposit of $800 by February 1, 2023 to lock-in pre inflationary pricing? 

3) Do you need a roommate? 

My Policy: If I can replace ya, I can refund ya. Things happen and have happened. If I can find someone to take your place, no worries. I’ll refund the whole amount minus around $100 for the extra work. It does get complicated however if you have a roommate. You really need to reach some sort of understanding with each other in the event one of you has to cancel! 

So please RSVP ASAP just to say, “tell me more, I’m interested.

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