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Stretch-4-Success “Early Birdies” 🐤 @ NORTH OAKS GOLF CLUB | Mons 8-9 am (non-mbrs OK)

July 15 @ 8:00 am - 9:00 am

You know you need to stretch! The problem: it takes time…


You’re healthy and take care of yourself: strength train, maybe run/walk, play a sport like golf, tennis, pickleball, basketball, etc. but you can’t seem to move the needle on flexibility.  Sure, you know yoga would help, but you’re not really into the whole “yoga experience”  This class is for you!

Devote one hour of your week to stretching with a true expert: someone trained across multiple stretching modalities from eccentric to assisted, yin to dynamic, with 20 years of hands-on teaching experience!  You need not pay exorbitant prices for “stretchologists” certified online; just show up Mondays 8am to the North Oaks Golf Club for this small-group stretch class. Bring any kind of exercise mat if you have one, or borrow one.

All other props including bolsters, ties, blankets, blocks, are provided. Various implements will be used, including a massage/Theragun to make sure we get the tension out, improve mobility, range-of-motion, and even help you sleep better!

Because of the highly customized nature of the class, space is limited to 6 people, with space for 2 drop-ins.

Traveling? Pro-rate in $18/class X number of classes remaining in session. (goes through AUG 19)

Drop-ins welcome, $20. Minimum 12-hr RSVP required (shailayoga{@}gmail.com).

Note: Class registration is closed, but Drop-ins welcome!




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