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NOHOA E REC🏠”North Oaks Neighbors” Yoga Class TUES 5-6:20 pm ~ Drop-in $20

NOHOA E Rec 5 Mink Lane, Saint Paul, MN

This is The Original North Oaks Yoga, started by North Oaks resident, Shaila Cunningham in 2003! C'mon down and meet your neighbors as you enjoy a level of comprehensive, semi-private yoga you can't get elsewhere. Yes, this is "old school" and slow-cooked including balancing, inversions, pranayama, meditation, cali core and more. Combined with modern evidenced-based...

PEACE UNITED ☮ “Fit & Feisty 40-80+ Therapeutic Yoga” ~ Drop in $20

Peace United Methodist 5050 Hodgson Road, North Oaks, MN

  If you're over 40, your chance of injury in yoga goes way up. Quality instruction matters! You wouldn't want a newbie hairstylist would you? Your hair will grow back.   Don't risk injury and joint health messing around in large classes taught by under-trained instructors --even if it says "gentle yoga" or "senior yoga."   ...

PEACE UNITED ☮ “(Greater) North Oaks Neighbors” ~ Drop-in $20

Peace United Methodist 5050 Hodgson Road, North Oaks, MN

Purchase Drop-in HERE. Around 50% men, this class is guy/dude/bro-approved! Men need yoga--perhaps more than women, but why? The equation is simple: Strength - Flexibility = INJURY. That said, the worst thing a dude can do is wind up in a fast-moving, choreographed flow class with a petite instructor who's likely a former dancer/ gymnast!...

NOHOA E Rec 🏡 “North Oaks Neighbors All-Levels Yoga” ~ Starts FALL 2024 🍁

NOHOA E Rec 5 Mink Lane, Saint Paul, MN

YogaHotDish is back in the place where it all started, 20 years ago! Why do yoga here with/ your neighbors rather than "big box" branded yoga? Because we all know that community is essential to longevity, and you get what you pay for (or what the brand pays its instructors). Get to know your neighbors...

🌳Arden Hills Yoga at City Hall SATs 10 am “Community Class” | June 1- Aug 17, 10 weeks (no class 6/29, 7/6)| Drop-in $15

City of Arden Hills 1245 West Highway 96, Arden Hills, Minnesota

Yoga at Arden Hills City Hall isn't the group-exercise-disguised-as-yoga you might be used to in other venues like Shoreview Community Center (SVCC) or Lifetime. YogaHotDish is a unique offering pairing classical Kripalu yoga with modern best practices so you get a total workout AND the benefits of a work-in. 90-min classes will not only tone...