From the Lunch Room to the Board Room: Do Mean Girls Ever Grow Up? (men need to read this!)

Over 20 years of teaching yoga, it never ceases to amaze me how kind and sincere my female students are. They are welcoming to newbies and immensely patient towards me. It was only after re-reading a few chapters of Queen Bees and Wannabes that I started to see a spectrum. On one end, you have "lifelong learners" who take chances, are curious, value self-awareness and exploration.

Wellness Strategy or Just Another Workout?

Finally, through Covid, we have all learned how important it is to socialize and co-regulate with trusted friends. When "big yoga" venues give away all those free trial classes, they do so at your expense. That's attention you won't be receiving and a missed opportunity to elevate a cohesive, experienced group up the curve. It also doesn't maintain the "safe space" vibe so calming to nervous system.

GOAT YOGA–Yoga with GOATS? Not quite.

Even if you're a dude who hasn't touched his toes in a while, you'll find the TB methodology as applied to yoga a lot more conducive for your body type and safer than a conventional yoga class. You may not be meant to touch your toes and you may not need to. Let's find your "optimal" for longevity so you can keep doing all the other non-yoga stuff you love!

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