What’s Wrong with Resolutions?

Ah January… for anyone in the fitness space, it’s a bit like April for tax accountants.  We even call it “Resolution Season.”  Some marketeers have pointed out to me that it would be more strategic if I had my sessions renew in January to get the “Resolution Crowd.” Still, over the years, I have kept to my schedule of running my Winter Session December-February.  Whilst a class or two may renew/launch in January, it’s usually due more to the venue than me.

So am I missing out on the Resolution Crowd?  Maybe so. That said, I’m not sure they’re my tribe.  Health clubs and big studios love the resolution crowd.  They know they’ll get a year of monthly fees from these well-meaning wellness wannabes. It doesn’t matter to the club or studio if they show up; which, studies show, many of them won’t after about March.  Then these poor people spend the rest of the year feeling even lousier about themselves–especially when they see that $100 + charge on their credit card statement. To me, that has always seemed a depressing way to make money.

The YogaHotDish business model, on the other hand, appeals to people who are ready to be committers.  They have to choose one class a week to attend for a manageable chunk of time: 3 months. And yes, we cater to travelers and go-getters so they can pro-rate out if they’re going to be gone.  There is a “make-up” safety net in that HotDishers can attend another class outside their normal time to make up a missed class, but the key is, normal classes don’t “rollover” after the 3-month session.  If you missed a couple, I can’t “credit” your account next time.  That way, you must attend yoga on average of at least once per week.  To make up a class, you have to go twice in one week. Now, make-ups do “rollover” as long as you keep renewing every quarter. In other words, I don’t care when you make up a class, even if it’s in 6 months, as long as you’re still in the program.

Think about what a different kind of proposition this is.  Big Yoga says, “Sign up for a year then come, don’t come– there are classes going all day long–you’ll get there eventually!”   YogaHotDish says, “I’ll commit to you, you commit to me, once a week. I’ll know you by name, I’ll help you with any issues that might impede your practice be they mental or physical. I’ll notice when you’re not there and encourage you to get to a make-up class. The group will notice you’re not there and wonder, “Where were you, we missed you.” Can you see the difference? Can you feel the profoundly different vibe coming off the screen right now?

So here’s the deal: if you want / need to start yoga, just do it in December.  We all know by now it takes a month to form a habit, right?  Do you think something magical is going to happen on New Year’s Day and suddenly everything will be easy? I can guarantee you, it won’t.  In fact, if you wait, you’ll probably be working off a backlog of extra calories that you’ll be intaking this week.  Why not use the change in schedule and downtime of the holidays to establish better habits? You’ll be on your way come January.  You could even sign up for the “Destress for Success” Workshop in Arden Hills come January -and it won’t be your first time on a yoga mat!  You’ll be a pro by then and not have to worry about the “holiday hangover” of stress and weight gain.  Are you ready to stand out from the crowd and get going now? If so, I am here to help!  Check your schedule, pick a day and fill out a contact form!

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Shaila Cunningham

Shaila Cunningham

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