Zoom with Shaila Third Thursday “Yin and Vin: Restore and More”

Set yourself up for a great night’s sleep with this sanative class that features yin yoga to decrease the overall resting tension of the body, calming pranayama, and meditation galore. Along with the usual gear (blocks, tie, mat) be sure and have some throw pillows around. You’ll also want to bring a glass to this class so you can linger apres and socialize with your mat mates!

$12 Standard Price for a single Zoom session

$10 “add-a-class” (HotDishers enrolled in other programs)

$10 Students (middle school, college, post-grad)

1-Month Unlimited ZOOM (calendar month, but pro-rating available for new students) $65

How do I take a class?  

  1. New Students: please us PayPal. You can use a regular credit card on PP and simply check out as a “guest” if don’t have an account. You can always switch to Zelle or VENMO later.
  2. Make sure your ZOOM account displays your name (not just a phone number) so we can admit you from the waiting room. LINK
  3. Fill out a contact form and tell us a little bit about your yoga experience, goals and any concerns.
  4. IF it’s close to class time and you haven’t received a link, email Shailayoga{@}gmail.com

Beginner? New to YogaHotDish? Health issues you want to improve or workaround? Senior just getting in the yoga game, thinking maybe starting yoga on a group ZOOM could be confusing?  Check out the Start Right / Dive Deep program, specially designed for beginners, newbies and seniors. YogaHotDish will be fully vested in your success.  The question is, “Will you?”

Sleepless in St. Paul? Yoga meditation for insomnia

_Yoga is known to do wonders for the body: strengthen, tone, stretch and more. However, one benefit that may surprise you: improved sleep.  It’s not uncommon to hear students rave that they get their “best night’s sleep” after yoga class.  There are endless anecdotes, but what does the research say?

While limited, there are some initial studies on the topic of yoga and insomnia.  Perhaps the most compelling is a Harvard study which found “statistically significant” improvements across several aspects of sleep quality, including sleep efficiency or SE,  and wake time after sleep onset, or WASO,  based on the sleep diaries of 20 subjects over an 8-week period of yoga practice.  (Khalsa 2004).  The study referred to yoga as a “multicomponent” practice implying the full range of classical yoga including asana (exercises), pranayama (breathing exercises), meditation and yoga nidra (final relaxation).

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