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Yoga Summer School for BEGINNERS | WEDs 10 am ~ Starts June 7 | Pre-registration required

May 31, 2023 @ 10:00 am - 11:20 am

beginner man doing yoga

You want to start yoga, but you don’t feel like showing up to an established class and winging it.  You like to have the proper building blocks in place and to learn systematically.

Welcome! This is the semi-private yoga class that will give you the skills to either continue w/ YogaHotDish, or at least stay safe and get more out of your practice elsewhere.  Class size is limited to 6, as we’ll be “workshopping” the poses for individual body types/challenges.  You must be able to get up and down off the floor w/o assistance.  Note: this beginner class is not a good fit for people with no form of consistent exercise/movement.

Your commitment is for 4 Wednesdays in June. After the 4th of July holiday, this class will likely return to the roster as “all levels” and open to all students. The session price will then drop to @ $15/class.  If you absolutely must miss a class, you can make-up at a regular class whenever you like, but it won’t be the same.  Your commitment is key to your success and showing up is the most important part–I’ll take it from there ;).

Please note: the class is set for 80 minutes, but, over time, will likely extend out to 90 due to improvements in focus and stamina. 

Pay: PayPal HERE or YogaHotDish on VENMO. Your pre-payment is your reservation.


YogaHotDish is the original North Oaks Yoga which launched at the Golf Club in 2003. We still hold our Monday 9:30 classes there, which you’re also welcome to attend.  Classes were later held in collaboration with NOHOA in the East/West Rec buildings, until NOHOA management didn’t meet our standards for how neighbors should treat each other.

A COMPLETE PROGRAM BUILT ON TRUST:  Enroll Anywhere, Take Classes Everywhere

This is a community built on trust:  we yoga, play, and travel together.  You pay in advance for one class per week (usually 3- month sessions). Payment is on the honor system.  You can take a second class any given week for $10 (pay-as-you-go) and use the other class times/locations for make-ups. Your 3rd class in a week is FREE.  You need only commit to one weekly class ahead of time.  No attendance is taken, you keep track of your own payments and make-ups.  Make-ups “carry forward” so long as you stay enrolled in a class.

This only works with a high degree of integrity, which is why we feel Peace U is The Place for us! Peace United is clean and serene, with beautiful natural light and outdoor space as well. It’s located on Hodgson Rd, just south of the North Oaks west gate, north of Chippewa.

YogaHotDish is non-secular and welcomes all people. You need not be a North Oaks resident to participate.  Classes are also available through the Cities of Arden Hills and Falcon Heights, as well as the North Oaks Golf Club.

Cost: $99 for 4 Wednesdays in June: 7,14,21,28

Pay: PayPal HERE or YogaHotDish on VENMO. Your pre-payment is your reservation. This is non-denominational,  secular yoga. We view yoga as an ancient wellness system growing ever more relevent in the modern world.

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