Protein smoothies a great recipe for greater work/life balance


What should I eat before yoga?” I am often asked this vexing question by new students. As a classical yogi, I feel compelled to advise students doing a morning practice to do so on an empty stomach, so they get the full benefits of digestion offered by the poses without discomfort. However, as a 6-footer with blood pressure on the low side and a metabolism on the high side, I myself don’t fare well sans food.The middle path: protein shakes and smoothies. You get all your nutrients without skipping a meal, and most importantly, you give your digestive tract a much-needed reprieve.  Think about it:  is stuffing ourselves full of carbs, gluten, and meats three times per day really a good longevity strategy? No wonder 40% of Americans are constipated while obesity and diabetes are on a sharp rise.

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